Melilla, Spain I 2013

Dozens of children and teenagers, mostly from Morocco but including some from Algeria, live in the shelter of the breakwater of the port of Melilla (a Spanish city in the north of Morocco). Every night they attempt to climb a 30-foot concrete wall to gain access to the port and try to sneak onto one of the ships sailing from Melilla to the Spanish mainland.

They live under extremely precarious conditions, sleeping and eating amongs the rocks and surrounded by the debris left by the passage of hundreds of kids over time. The youngest are only sever or eight years old; the oldest are in their early twenties.

Some succeed, others don’t. Of those who reach the coasts of Andalucia, some manage to remain in Europe, but others are returned by force to Morocco. All of them spend years in this small Spanish enclave in North Africa while trying to enter Europe.

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