Malta / Italy / Libyan coast - 2017

Rescue mission by the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms, aboard the vessel Golfo Azzurro, in a sea 'search and rescue zone' located between the mediterranean cities of Sabratha and Tripoli, off the Libyan coast.

825 persons, mostly subsaharan Africans, were rescued during a two-week period, between February and March, after leaving the Libyan coast in an attempt to reach Europe in overcrowded and precarious dinghies. All the rescue operations by the Spanish NGO took place in international waters.

The Proactiva Open Arms team aboard the Golfo Azzurro, transferred, during two separate trips, the rescued migrants from the SAR zone to the Italian port of Reggio Calabria and to the island of Lampedusa.

Everyone found adrift by the rescue team was taken on board and safely brought to land. However, survivors from different dinghies claimed that an unknown number of people had fallen into the water several hours before the rescue.

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